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VAT Information

VAT (Value Added Tax / Sales Tax)

Please read on for information on how we charge VAT on online orders - and information on which orders are shipped VAT free.

Customers INSIDE the EU (European Union)
Customers OUTSIDE the EU (European Union)
What is VAT?
Our VAT details

Customers INSIDE the EU (European Union)

We add VAT to all orders shipped to addresses within the EU (except VAT registered companies, see below). Our shopping cart will automatically add 23% VAT (20% for customers in the UK) to all online orders and the total price incl. VAT is displayed during the checkout process.
As there are no customs procedures in place inside the EU, there will never be any additional charge to pay when you receive an order from us. You will only pay the total cost of your order.
VAT registered companies within EU (except Ireland): According to EU legislation we can sell VAT free to other companies within the EU, provided these are registered for VAT. During the checkout process we offer the option to enter a VAT number for companies - provided the VAT number is valid we will process the order without charging any VAT. We recommend that all VAT registered companies avail of this option as it can be hard to claim VAT back at a later stage. If no VAT number is supplied at time of purchase we will assume that the customer is not registered for VAT and we will not be able to offer a VAT refund.
Companies in Ireland: VAT is added to all purchases in Ireland, no matter if the customer is registered for VAT or not. We provide a VAT receipt for all orders, allowing companies in Ireland to claim the VAT back from Irish revenue.

Customers OUTSIDE the EU (European Union)

Orders shipping outside the European Union are always processed VAT free, which means no additional charge is added to your order by us. Please note that orders outside the EU may be subject to local VAT/TAX in the destination country. We recommend that customers check with their local customs office prior to ordering as we cannot assist with local customs issues in the destination country.

What is VAT?

VAT is short for Value Added Tax. It is also often referred to as Sales Tax and it is in place in all countries within the EU. We currently charge VAT at 23% which is the VAT rate in the Republic of Ireland where we are based. Customers based in the United Kingdom pay VAT at the UK rate of 20%.

Our VAT details

We are registered for VAT in Ireland, United Kingdom, Germany and France as follows:

GoBeyond Ltd.
Unit A8 Celbridge M4 Business Park
Celbridge, Co. Kildare
VAT numbers: IE 6398832A (Ireland), GB 894464476 (UK), DE 283997767 (Germany) and FR 72753668292 (France)

Company reg. number: 378832 (Ireland)


E-mail address:
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