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NEW G.Skill Zeta R5 Series Overclocked DDR5 R-DIMM Memory Kits

G.Skill has announced the new Zeta R5 memory series (available from MemoryC) featuring high-performance for the latest unlocked Intel Xeon W-2400X and W-3400X processors. Intel W790 motherboards with quad-channel and octo-channels are compatible with the new G.Skill memory. These kits have specifications up to DDR5-6400 CL32 in a large kit capacity of up to 256GB. These kits are ideal for various workstation systems including content creation, 3D graphics, and scientific computing.


According to standard JEDEC specifications you can achieve higher memory speeds than R-DIMM with the Zeta R5 memory kits. They are equipped with Intel XMP 3.0 profiles that allow easy overclocking.

G.Skill demonstrates their high bandwidth potential by overclocking on the ASUS Pro WS W790E-SAGE SE motherboard as well as Intel Xeon W9-3495X processor. The memory kits are able to reach 315GB/s read, 228GB/s write, and 262GB/s copy speed in the memory bandwidth benchmark of AIDA64. Find these and more at MemoryC!

Find this range at MemoryC!



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