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New! AData UC300 USB Flash Drives In Stock

AData has released the newest members of the UC300 family. 64GB and 128GB versions are now available to order from MemoryC! Add these to your UC300 collection today and never buy another USB drive again.

The USB-C ports provide convenience and reliability with a capless sliding connector. USB-C is compatible with everything from PCs, laptops to smartphones and tablets. While the colorful accents add a unique twist to your regular USB flash drive.

With up to 5Gbps you can plug and play with these backward compatible USB flash drives. They will work even if you insert it upside down. Don’t worry about the storage, they carry enough for 4K videos, photos, documents, etc. And a lanyard hole provides the option to carry on a keychain or bag.

Shop these new additions at MemoryC today!

128GB AData USB3.2 UC300 Type-C USB Flash Drive Black/Green (memoryc.com)

64GB AData USB3.2 UC300 Type-C USB Flash Drive Black/Green (memoryc.com)


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