Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)

by Garmin
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Key Features

  • Garmin map upgrade for Nuvi Series
  • Spain and Portugal Map
  • Latest map version
  • SD/microSD card
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Garmin map of Spain and Portugal, latest City Navigator NT version. Includes full coverage of Spanish Canary Islands. Suitable for the Garmin nüvi Series, Garmin StreetPilot c3xx & c5xx Series plus the Garmin zūmo series. Map delivered on SD card or microSD card with SD adapter.

The Latest City Navigator NT version (Europe NT) which includes the most recent updates in all regions.

Map data provided by Navteq.

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John Wilson
Garmin Portugal Spain Maps
November 2nd 2018 Verified user
Only tried it in offline mode, but it appears to be accurate. Delivery was fine and it arrived in good condition. Will use this site again.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Marc Payeur
Exactly as described
September 25th 2018 Verified user
We used the it for our entire trip amongst the Azores Island Soa Miguel , Terceira and Graciosa and had not issues
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
John Pellizzon
August 12th 2018 Verified user
Works fine but the screen controls are not very intuitive.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Mark Price
Better Than Expected
September 19th 2017 Verified user
My wife and I just drove for 2 1/2 weeks on 2 Azores islands and mainland Portugal. This map worked just as well as any Garmin map in the U.S. It's the real thing at a better price than Garmin charges. Not a knock-off. A couple of times it said we were going the wrong way on a one-way street, which we were not. But considering the complexity of the old, winding, narrow roads in the Azores, it was really better than I had expected.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Joseph Fasciano
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal
August 23rd 2017 Verified user
The price was good and maps were delivered on time and worked great in Spain. I will look here first the next time I need to up date my maps.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Bonnie St Julien
Excellent Value and Good Delivery Service
January 9th 2017 Verified user
The competitive pricing made this Garmin Micro SDcard an excellent value, even with the exchange rates on the US dollar. It was a genuine Garmin product, the card fit into my GPS, and the maps loaded without a problem. MemoryC shipped the product into Canada via USPS which has online tracking. I received the product within a few days even with it having to clear customs. Overall, the product and the service were very good!
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal
August 10th 2016 Verified user
Overall - very good and I recommend it especially if you have never driven in Europe. In small cities, GPS and roundabout exits didn't always match up and the tiny streets with long names didn't always appear. The main highway maps were pretty accurate but Portugal's signs didn't give a lot of time to react and neither did the GPS when it came time to exit. That said, in most cases it was easy enough to get back on track after "RECALCULATE".
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
John McCormick
Spain Portugal
January 5th 2016 Verified user
As with previous ratings and feedback, we had a prompt delivery and were able to load the maps and check them out. They loaded easily and seem very accurate and easy to use. We have visited Spain several times in the past and could verify the accuracy. This should be a valued component for our upcoming trip.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Mike Murphy
Great price, Fast shipping
December 14th 2015 Verified user
Bought the Portugal/Spain map for my Garmin Nuvi for a trip to Spain in March. Have not had a chance to use it other than plugging it into my Nuvi to make sure it works. Product is as described the price was great (up to half off of other web sites) and it was shipped promptly.
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
Portugal and Spain Garmin Map
September 8th 2015 Verified user
Bought this for my Garmin GPS. Was easy to install, just removed the mini sd card from the larger sd card and inserted it in the slot in my Nuvi Garmin GPS. Originally there was an issue when I was trying to order the garmin maps from Memory (they were updating there system and it was causing a problem when I was trying to order) I called them and told them about the problem. They took the order over the phone and had it shipped out by the next day. I live in Canada so I got the SD card in about 5 days (from the US). Will definitely recommend this company; price and quality of product was great. Now off to pack for my trip....
Review of Garmin Map Spain+Portugal (SD/microSD card)
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