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We are one of Europe's leading stockists of Desktop Computer Components from PC Power Supplies, Cooling Fans and Graphics Cards to Mice and DDR Memory Voltage systems. We specialise in OCZ Power Supplies, CPU Cooling Devices and Memory Airflow Coolers specifically for high-end performance and gaming. We stock a full range of GameXStream, StealthXStream, EvoStream, ModXStream and ProXStream Power Supply models as well as PC Graphics Cards including the GeForce 8800GTX.

All DDR Memory Voltage Systems, Graphics Cards and Power Supplies are designed for both Intel and AMD platforms and use the finest components allowing you to create a most stable computer system
with more potential to overclock safely.

All computer products that we supply are designed for demanding power-users, PC enthusiasts and gamers aiming to get the best from their systems. All products can be used to boose your computer’s performance and increase stability.