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Upgrading the memory in a computer is the easiest and most efficient way to boost the performance of a computer system. Computer memory is often referred to as "RAM" for Random Access Memory and we carry all types of RAM in stock, ready to ship immediately.
Memory upgrades are available in DIMM versions for desktop computers, and SO-DIMM versions for laptop and notebook computers. The RAM sockets in most computers are easily accessible, and adding more memory is simply a matter of adding the new RAM module to a free socket, and the computer will recognize it automatically. A computer with additional memory will typically boot faster and perform most tasks faster and more efficiently. This is an easy way to extend to life of most types of computers, and additional RAM is also critical for computer gamers wanting the very best performance when playing games.
For advice on which memory to choose for any system, our sales team is always available to help.
The common types memory include DDR4, DDR3, DDR2 in both desktop and laptop versions. Recently, DDR5 RAM has already been released, and these will be available to purchase in the very new future.